8 Fancy Dress Ideas for a Hen-Party

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Ladies, it’s time to send your best friend off on her way to married life in style. That’s right, one last night out on the town before Miss becomes Mrs! Exciting, right?

 But what will you wear? Hen Do’s are notorious for fun and sexy themed outfits and here are 8 fancy dress ideas to help give you some inspiration:

1.    Air Hostesses – Air Hostess, I like the way you dress. This theme is slick, sexy and stylish. Accompany your cute little suit with a neck scarf, hat and stilettos for the full, glamorous look. A fun idea to fund your drinks is to bring a trolley with you on the night, selling ‘selfies’ to fellow clubbers. Let the Hen stand out by wearing red while the rest of the girls wear blue or vice versa.

Description: Human, Personal, Portrait, Street Parade, Festival










Click here for Air Hostess Costumes and accessories:


2.    Gangster – Become a Hen Party not to be messed with by dressing as sexy and sassy gangsters. Showcase your power in a selection of gorgeous gangster costumes. For a sexy gangster moll feel, wear a pinstripe dress or corset, with a scarf, hat, gloves, knock-out suspenders and killer heels. Another option is a throwback to the 1920’s by wearing a stylish Flapper costume with accompanied bob wig.











Click the following links for Gangster and Flapper costumes:



3.    Schoolgirls – Go back to school with this classic Hen party theme. Despite wearing uniform, this theme allows you room for manoeuvre, so you can get creative! You can put your hair in a bow, plaits or ponytail; wear long or short skirt or even hot pants, the choice is yours.  Knee high socks and glasses are popular accessories and add to the sexy ‘geek chick’ feel.
WARNING: Schoolgirl theme may attract lots of male attention. Have fun!











Click here for Schoolgirl outfits and accessories:


4.    Cheerleaders – Give us an F! Give us a U! Give us an N! This fancy dress theme will be sure to give you a fun-filled Hen Party. Get your dress, knee high socks and white pumps and don’t forget your pom poms! Remember coordination is key for cheerleaders so for the best results make sure each costume is matching; which means matching dresses, socks, pumps and, if you like, matching hairstyles.











Cheerleader outfit can be bought here:


5.    Army – Stand to attention in this sexy Hen party theme. There’s nothing like camouflage to make you stand out on a night out and we know how men love a woman in uniform. This theme includes variety and doesn’t have to be expensive as a simple crop top, boots, hot pants and face paint will suffice. You can dress with class and authority as an officer or get sassy and get those legs out, the choice is yours. All options fit the theme and, dressed like this, you are sure to have a great night.











For Army costumes, click here:


6.    Baywatch – Get practising for your dramatic slow motion run from one club to another in this classic Baywatch theme. Inspired by the TV show, starring David Hasslehoff and Pamela Anderson, this theme is fun, popular and instantly recognisable. You can dress in either yellow or red costume with the outfits typically including a top and shorts, so, unless the hen party is actually in Los Angeles, this theme is more suitable for the summer. Goes best with inflatable Baywatch board as an accessory.











Click here for Baywatch costumes and accessories:


7.    Bavarian – Become a Bavarian beauty in this German-inspired theme. The stylish Bavarian outfit typically includes a dress and apron combo and works best with the hat. Pig tails are a must to complete this stunning look and for variation, why not have each Hen in a different colour dress? Drink like it’s Oktoberfest and have a fantastic night filled with fun.











For Bavarian Costumes, click here:


8.    Angels vs. Devils – Hens, it’s time to divide into two groups. The more angelic hens can adjust their halo’s and become Angels for the night, dressing in white, while the naughtier hens can release their devilish side and dress in blood red. The colour contrast will ensure your group stands out on the night out and guarantees a good time. Angels, consider wearing all white with a dress with halo and wings. Devils, consider dressing in red with a devil’s tail and horn. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this fantastic theme.

Angels vs. Devils










Angels, have a look here:


Devils, here:


So there you have it, Hens, 8 ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Hopefully this proved helpful. Do you know the best man? If so then give him a nudge in the direction of our 8 Fancy Dress Ideas for a Stag Do.


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