8 Fancy Dress Ideas for a Stag-Do

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So it’s time to give your mate his big send off.  A Stag-Do typically includes a fun-filled night out or a pub crawl, that’s a given. But the big question to consider is - what will you wear?

Here are 10 fancy dress ideas to help you decide:
1)    Food Costumes – Inspired by the recent Hollywood film Sausage Party, why not bring food to life? This idea is not only hilarious but it allows for so many different possibilities, allowing you to get creative! You could become anything from a hotdog to a banana to a bottle of beer.

2)    Animal Costumes - Release your inner party animal by dressing as a Dog, Panda, Cow, Pig or whatever takes your fancy. With onesies all the rage at the moment, there are plenty of animal costumes available at competitive prices. It’s up to you what animal best suits your Stag. How about, well, a Stag?

3)    Morphsuits – Conceal your identity in these spandex all-in-one suits. The zip-up suits comes in all different variations of colour and design, from gangster to ninja to James Bond, so there will be plenty of choice for everyone. You can see out of the suit but nobody can see back in and don’t worry, you can still drink through the material! Fear not if you drink too much as going to the toilet is no issue either as most morph suits contain a concealed fly for easy access. Be prepared and purchase a bum bag with this outfit though as there are no pockets!

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Click here for some ideas:


4)    Superheroes – With Marvel and DC combined, there is enough Superhero costumes to cater for 100 Stag-Do’s. So get creative and fly like Superman, scale walls like Spiderman or defend Hell’s Kitchen like Daredevil. With all the superheroes available it’s easy to forget about the villains. Consider causing a bit of anarchy dressing the Stag as Batman while his mates dress as the Joker, Two-Face, Bane, The Penguin etc.

5)    The Hangover Theme – Become a Wolfpack in this classic Stag-Do theme based on the 2009 film The Hangover. The costume for the character of Alan is hilarious and easy to either buy or create yourself. Simply find a curly hair wig, a fake beard, a grey t-shirt, a baby carrier with a (fake!) baby.  If you want to remember the Stag-Do the morning after then be sure to drink responsibly and try your best not to lose the Stag or you’ll have a very unhappy bride to be to deal with.

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6)    Where’s Wally – If you do happen to lose the Stag, perhaps you can make a game of it? The rules are as follows: The Stag runs off to a bar of his choice with the kitty money for the next couple of rounds. The party then split up into groups and try and find the Stag, who, once found, will buy the group a drink each. The losing team have a forfeit of your choosing.  Have fun!

Click here for where’s Wally outfits:


7)    Star Wars – A long time ago in a galaxy far far away it was decided that Star Wars is a great theme for Stag Do’s! Get as creative as you want, with lots of characters available e.g. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Yoda etc. Or make it simpler and have the Stag dress as Darth Vader with the rest of the party dressing as Stormtroopers. The classic theme is ever more relevant with the new films coming out over the next few years.

Description: Stormtrooper, Star Wars, Red, The Game









8)    The Naughty option – You know what Stag Do’s are like and sometimes it’s a Best Man’s mission to make things as embarrassing as possible for the Stag. While fake boobs and bums are a hilarious addition to the night, perhaps err on the side of caution when it comes to anything to sexual or revealing if you want to gain access beyond the bouncers! Think more drag queen and less mankini.

Hopefully this list has got your creative juices flowing. Perhaps you could point the Maid of Honour in the direction of our 8 Fancy Dress Ideas for a Hen-Party.

Have a good one!


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